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Centre of Excellence (CoE), Showroom and Training Centre, Vasai Mumbai

Caple, a leading supplier of quality woodworking machinery, collaborated with FII India to set up its Centre of Excellence (CoE) at their new facility in Vasai on the outskirts of Mumbai.Furniture and Fittings Skill Council (FFSC), the skilling arm of the government of India, facilitated the collaboration. They are responsible for coordinating skill upgradation and training programmes in the furniture sector.

Capel wanted to use only eco-friendly materials hence FII India collaborated through technical assistance and wood for interiors besides connecting them with Canadian Wood stockists for their ongoing needs. This collaboration marked a significant milestone in the industry, showcasing FII's commitment to promoting sustainable practices and advancing the skill development of the workforce. It also symbolizes FII's dedication to creating a positive impact within the wood industry.

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