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Commercialisation of Hemlock FJEG Board - A success story, Hyderabad

Gayatri Doors is a Hyderabad-based company established in 2017 after separating from parent company Elegant Doors. They have three factories, two for flush doors and one for door jambs and produce more than 10,000 flush doors and 5,000 door jambs per month. They have partnerships with leading MNCs like Masonite and Sauerland, and a strong dealer network in southern India.

The door frame, commonly called the door jamb, is one of the largest consumers of solid wood in India. There has been an increase in the popularity of engineered solid wood door jambs over traditional ones. This presents an opportunity to promote door jambs made of Western Hemlock finger-jointed edge-glued (FJEG)boards/technology. It enhances production and improves the quality and appearance of the door frames

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