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Wood miles

Savvy consumers in India are increasingly demanding that companies demonstrate a commitment to conserve the environment when producing products. The high demand for wood products in India means producers are searching for sustainable suppliers of wood that can accurately demonstrate their environmental credentials. One way in which the companies are proving their sustainable approach is through the sourcing of wood products from certified suppliers.

Although B.C. is located far from India and the products must be shipped around the world, they can still be sourced from B.C. without negatively impacting the environment.

An independent study into the impact of importing wood from B.C. to India confirms that the CO₂ stored in wood products far outweighs the extra CO₂ generated by manufacturing and shipping wood products to India.

For every container of lumber sent to India from B.C.,17,498 kgs. of CO₂ is taken out of the atmosphere.

Lumber Manufacturers Canada - Wood Miles