• Top ten tip to clean and maintain

    Top Ten Tips to Clean and Maintain Your Woodwork

    20 Oct, 2016
    Wood is eternally beautiful and comforting, bringing a sense of connection with nature, a plethora of health benefits and a subtle elegance and charm to ones' decor. Although wood is generally a durable material, like all other things it can lose its sheen and splendour if not cared for. Regular cleaning and routine maintenance canRead more
  • Wood Species Perfect for Your Home and Budget

    Wood Species Perfect for Your Home and Budget

    5 Oct, 2016
    It's no secret that we Indians have a never-ending love affair with wood. We love using wood in our homes - be it for furniture, doors, windows, interior wall panelling and such. Entertainment and leisure areas in wood spell taste, warmth and elegance. However, questions about what kind of wood to use and how toRead more