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Seven reasons to attend the exclusive Canadian Wood exhibit at DelhiWood 2019

28 Feb, 2019

DelhiWood 2019, India’s biggest networking event in woodworking community, is just around the corner! The 6th edition of the woodworking industry’s reputed biennial event is single-handedly responsible to bring the best-of-the-industry under one roof and deliver business interactions, harbouring an innovative space for all wood enthusiasts. Canadian Wood is excited to be an integral partRead more

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Enhance the interiors of your home with minimal wooden home decors

10 Feb, 2019

Nothing matches the comfort of staying at home. No matter how well-travelled you are, it’s always nice and inviting to be back home. But what is it that turns your house into a home? Probably, good food, loved ones and the warmth of your personal space. Now, who wouldn’t prefer a well-decorated and stylishly furnishedRead more

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Canadian Wood: Renewable by Nature, Sustainable by Design

23 Jan, 2019

A sustainable future lies in a thoughtful today, and a thoughtful today is the need of the hour. Environmental concerns are being raised in every corner of the world, and it’s time to take a step towards sustainability. We exist in an ecosystem where all our actions affect the environment in one way or theRead more

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Outdoor structures that define spaces

10 Dec, 2018

Who wouldn’t love a little extra space in the backyard where they can sit back, relax, grill some barbecue or just watch the kids play. For most families today, outdoor living is as important as indoor space. People need a break from modern lives full of hustle and bustle, to come to a space thatRead more

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Building the future with designs that inspire

15 Nov, 2018

“Whatever good things we build, end up building us.” – Jim Rohn Canadian Wood believes in sustainability. An idea that protects our present and gifts us a fruitful future. We stand by upcoming designers and thought leaders who are embracing the concept of ‘Green Buildings’. More and more organisations are putting their best put forwardRead more

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Breathe life into structures with wood’s natural beauty

20 Oct, 2018

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.” – Frank Lloyd Wright Rich look, fine texture, contemporary style, and comforting warmth; wood offers you all of this and more. From dramatic wooden stairs to sturdy gazebos, from elegant doors to durable outdoor structures, wood has found its placeRead more

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Wood – A natural choice for green buildings

28 Sep, 2018

Wood, a versatile raw material, is nature’s gift to mankind. The warmth, natural beauty, structural, economic and environmental benefits provided by wood is incomparable. History identifies wood as an excellent fuel and an essential raw material for wood structures. However, a lesser-known fact about wood is that it is now a recommended raw material forRead more

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This festive season, here’s how you can introduce the warmth of wood in your homes

28 Sep, 2018

A home cannot be built in a day, it’s a haven that you create piece by piece. If you are someone who wishes to make your home an oasis of peace and warmth, then you must definitely introduce wood in the interiors of your home. Wood being a versatile material has given people the chanceRead more

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Why wood – A lesson from ancient history

28 Aug, 2018

“Wood is universally beautiful to man. It is the most humanly intimate of all materials.” – Frank Lloyd Wright India is blessed with a rich architectural history. One of the most important chapters in its history is its awe-inspiring wooden architecture. From traditional wooden temples in Western Himalayas to beautiful wooden structures in Kerala, allRead more

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Here’s how you can take care of your prized wooden furniture this monsoon season

17 Aug, 2018

The rains are back in India. Along with its enchanting fragrances and spellbinding beauty, it has also brought back risks that may affect your precious wooden furniture and embellishments. The dampness in the air affects the health of your indoor furniture while the constant exposure of outdoor furniture to moisture calls for an extra care.Read more