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Transforming interior furniture space with Canadian Wood species Banner

Transforming Interior Furniture Space with Canadian Wood Species

25 Apr, 2023
In spite of changing consumer preferences wooden furniture finds relevance in every household. Furniture made from wood is elegant, strong, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. It can work in beautiful ways to create the feeling of a warm, cosy home. With advent of social media, consumers are exposed to the best of designs and trendsRead more
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The Importance and Credibility of Sustainable Wood Sources

31 Mar, 2022
Commemorating Wood World Wood Day is a cultural event held on March 21st, the vernal equinox, to raise awareness about the importance of wood in a sustainable world through biodiversity and forest conservation. The day serves as a reminder of the inherent value and importance of wood, as well as its appropriate applications. Wood isRead more
Best Practices in Furniture Manufacturing

Best Practices in Furniture Manufacturing

15 Mar, 2022
Research studies conducted over the last few months has found that India’s furniture market is poised for take-off and is expected to cross USD 27 billion dollars by the end of 2025. Factors contributing to this swift growth include – rising disposable income of the middle class population, and an increasing number of urban households.Read more
Breathe Luxury Into Your Living Spaces With Wood

Breathe Luxury Into Your Living Spaces With Wood

28 Feb, 2022
Making your home a delightful place to live in takes a lot more effort than what meets the eye. From choosing the perfect colour palette, to arranging the furniture a certain way to compliment your home’s structure, it’s an endless experimentation process. An easy way of going about it is to add wood as anRead more
Wooden Furniture – Sustainable, Reliable, Timeless

Wooden Furniture – Sustainable, Reliable, Timeless

15 Feb, 2022
The aesthetic superiority of wood is well known, especially when it comes to furniture. Even a simple chair made of wood adds a certain panache, elegance and charm to the space it is placed in. Any kind of wooden furniture completely changes the look and feel of its surroundings. This, combined with strength, durability, versatilityRead more
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Sustainable Forestry To Mitigate Climate Change

31 Jan, 2022
“The earth is what we all have in common!” -Wendell Berry At the UN Climate Change conference, India made a net-zero commitment by 2070 while Canada aims to achieve that by 2050 despite its strictest forestry laws and regulations. In fact, Canada’s forest sector has also been one of the few who committed to theRead more
Your Overall Wellbeing

How Wood Buildings Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

14 Jan, 2022
In recent times, wood as a building material has been garnering immense popularity for residential and non-residential projects for being a natural, diverse and sustainable raw material. Builders and architects have been slowly accepting the use of wood in their projects due to its engineering benefits.  . Here are some key biophilic benefits of usingRead more
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Seven Reasons to Attend the Exclusive Canadian Wood Exhibit at DelhiWood 2019

28 Feb, 2019
DelhiWood 2019, India’s biggest networking event in woodworking community, is just around the corner! The 6th edition of the woodworking industry’s reputed biennial event is single-handedly responsible to bring the best-of-the-industry under one roof and deliver business interactions, harbouring an innovative space for all wood enthusiasts. Canadian Wood is excited to be an integral partRead more
Enhance The Interiors Of Your Home With Minimal Wooden Home Decors - Canadian Wood

Enhance The Interiors Of Your Home With Minimal Wooden Home Decors

10 Feb, 2019
Nothing matches the comfort of staying at home. No matter how well-travelled you are, it’s always nice and inviting to be back home. But what is it that turns your house into a home? Probably, good food, loved ones and the warmth of your personal space. Now, who wouldn’t prefer a well-decorated and stylishly furnishedRead more
Canadian Wood Eco-Friendly Wood For Building Homes Fouses Sustainable by Design Banner

Canadian Wood: Renewable by Nature, Sustainable by Design

23 Jan, 2019
A sustainable future lies in a thoughtful today, and a thoughtful today is the need of the hour. Environmental concerns are being raised in every corner of the world, and it’s time to take a step towards sustainability. We exist in an ecosystem where all our actions affect the environment in one way or theRead more