Top 5 reasons to choose SPF for pre- fabricated wooden homes

Pre-fabricated wooden homes or modular homes are among the fastest and the easiest homes to build. Wooden homes provide a multitude of benefits to users as well as the environment. Wood is a carbon-neutral building material with minimum impact on the environment during its entire life cycle. It provides immense physical and emotional benefits to its inhabitants and being a natural insulator, wood reduces the need for heating and cooling leading to electricity savings.

Wooden homes are earthquake resilient and very easy to conduct repairs and renovations upon. Wooden homes are already popular in the construction of cottages and homes in hilly regions. Their popularity is growing steadily in the second homes market and the construction of resorts.

Modern construction technologies like glu-lam construction, post and beam construction, tongue and groove construction and stud wall framing have thrown open a world of possibilities for architects and designers to experiment with and create innovative structures in wood.

However, not all wood species are equal and wood used for structural purposes needs to meet very strict criteria. It makes sense to opt for stress rated wood that is scientifically proven to suit the final application so that builders and home owners are assured of its safety and performance lifelong.

Canadian Wood comes from sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada and is one of the most reliable wood products in the Indian market. Among these Canadian Wood species, spruce-pine-fir (SPF) is most recommended for pre-fabricated homes.

Here are the top 5 reasons that make spruce-pine-fir (SPF) your best option for creating modular homes-

Exceptional strength and stress-bearing properties

SPF is well known for its strength, light weight and ease of use. It has exceptional stress bearing properties, which is essential for construction of large homes.

Heat treated (HT) And kiln dried (KD)

SPF comes in the form of sawn lumber from British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. The lumber is kiln dried (KD) and heat treated (HT) to meet phyto-sanitary requirements in state-of-the-art facilities in Canada. Kiln drying helps improve dimensional stability of the wood, which is essential for construction purposes.

Range of stains, paints and finishes

SPF can take on a range of stains, paints and finishes. One can opt to retain the original light color of the wood with a UV coat or opt for darker stains to mimic hardwoods. The wood can take on a range of paints and finishes easily, offering artistic freedom to architects.

Standardised grades and sizes

All Canadian Wood species are graded under NLGA (National lumber grading authority) or R list grading rules, both for structural and aesthetic applications. Grading based on set criteria assures users of a consistent product quality at all times. As the wood comes in the form of sawn lumber, a standard size is always maintained.

Legal, responsible and certified

All Canadian Wood species come from the sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada, which is a world leader in sustainable forest management. British Columbia has more certified forest land than any other wood producing region in the world except Canada as a whole. Some of their noteworthy initiatives include replanting wherein for every one tree harvested three others are planted in its place to maintain the health of the forest. Annually, less than 1% of the total forest is harvested. You can read more about sustainable forest management in British Columbia (B.C.), Canada here Canadian Wood products are independently certified by PEFC/FSC that assures users of an eco-friendly, sustainable product. These certifications are also important in the construction of green buildings. The quality of construction of any structure relies heavily on the quality of the construction material used. SPF scores well on the parameters of quality and performance and comes with the assurance of being a certified product. In India, SPF has been successfully used in premium wood home projects like 9 Wooden Homes, Bengaluru.

Canadian Wood is exhibiting at DelhiWood 2017 between 1 – 4 March 2017, where you can interact with wood experts and representatives from Canadian lumber companies. Visit us at Booth B201. Hall no. 12.

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FII India, funded by the government of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada represents Canadian wood in India for all its five species viz. Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF). FII works closely with architects, manufacturers, importers and real estate developers to provide technical and procurement assistance for their requirements free of any cost

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