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March 2022 Newsletter

Wood brings immense value to the world and also in our lives. It is a natural resource that has numerous environmental and health benefits.World Wood Day, celebrated on March 21, pays tribute to wood as the only natural and renewable material available to mankind.


  • January 2022 Newsletter
    February 2022 Newsletter

    When it comes to interior fitouts, architects’ and interior designers’ preferred choice is wood.

  • January 2022 Newsletter
    January 2022 Newsletter

    The door defines the character and the personality of a space. Be it home or office. A door is the first thing visitors encounter when they enter the premises

  • December 2021 Newsletter
    December 2021 Newsletter

    While interior design trends keep changing, wooden furniture remains timeless. Furniture made from wood is beautiful, strong, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance.

  • Novermebr 2021 Newsletter
    November 2021 Newsletter

    We all know that the furniture industry in India has been highly fragmented, with many small carpentry shops in the unorganized sector dotting the landscape across the country.

  • August 2021 Newsletter
    October 2021 Newsletter

    Wood frame construction (WFC) commonly involves dimension lumber, engineered wood products, and structural wood panels to make walls, floor, and roof assemblies.

  • Septembar 2021 Newsletter
    September 2021 Newsletter

    While Doing up the home, the surrounding outdoor areas such as the backyard, patio, balcony, terrace, garden

  • August 2021 Newsletter
    August 2021 Newsletter

    British Columbia, Canada, is acknowledged as a global leader in certification and sustainable forest

  • july 2021 Newsletter
    July 2021 Newsletter

    Beautiful, functional and comfortable - Bedroom furniture made with Canadian wood. Be it the beauty of design

  • june 2021 Newsletter
    June 2021 Newsletter

    While the pandemic posed several challenges, it has also been the single largest trigger compelling us as an industry to reinvent and discover new possibilities

  • May 2021 Newsletter
    May 2021 Newsletter

    The aesthetic appeal and proven effectiveness of wood as a building material has endeared itself to architects, builders.