Western red cedar

Western red cedar is one of the most commercially valuable species. Its dimensional stability makes it a great choice for exterior applications, making it one of the few wood species that are naturally at home in the outdoors. The appealing dark colour, light weight and soft texture makes it suitable for various interior applications as well. Its flexibility and versatility enables its usage in roof shingles, exterior siding, exterior cladding, decking, greenhouses, and saunas.


  • Lightweight
  • Excellent working properties
  • Can be sanded to a smooth satin finish
  • Planes and shapes well
  • Glues easily
  • Has moderate screw and nail holding properties
  • Appropriate for outdoor usage

Examples of stains of Western red cedar

  • Normal No Finish - Western Red Cedar

    No finish

  • Natural Finish Dead matte - Western Red Cedar

    Natural finish
    Dead matte

  • Natural PU Gloss - Western Red Cedar

    Natural PU

  • Oak Matte - Western Red Cedar

    Oak matte

Images are only for reference; actual results may vary.

Most Canadian wood species can be used in their original light colour or stained darker colours to mimic hardwoods.


Popular applications