Canadian Pine Wood - Significance of Wood For Sustainable Structures

Wood – A Natural Choice for Green Buildings

28 Sep, 2018
Wood, a versatile raw material, is nature’s gift to mankind. The warmth, natural beauty, structural, economic and environmental benefits provided by wood is incomparable. History identifies wood as an excellent fuel and an essential raw material for wood structures. However, a lesser-known fact about wood is that it is now a recommended raw material forRead more
Certified Wood in your Homes - Canadian Wood

This Festive Season, Here’s How you Can Introduce the Warmth of Wood in Your Homes

28 Sep, 2018
A home cannot be built in a day, it’s a haven that you create piece by piece. If you are someone who wishes to make your home an oasis of peace and warmth, then you must definitely introduce wood in the interiors of your home. Wood being a versatile material has given people the chanceRead more