Wood – A natural choice for green buildings

Wood, a versatile raw material, is nature’s gift to mankind. The warmth, natural beauty, structural, economic and environmental benefits provided by wood is incomparable.

History identifies wood as an excellent fuel and an essential raw material for wood structures. However, a lesser-known fact about wood is that it is now a recommended raw material for sustainable architecture.

Health architects, interior designers, real-estate investors, decision-makers of the society are now creating a paradigm shift in the construction industry by choosing wood as their core building material. Pioneers of the industry are developing wood technologies and innovative systems to build sustainable residential and commercial spaces. They are bringing about a fundamental change in the way structures are built. Wonder why wood is now considered as a better construction material than cement, stones or steel?

Presenting the exclusive benefits offered by wood that makes it a preferred raw material for sustainable architecture.

1. It’s good for the environment

Wood being a natural resource has various environmental benefits. It helps to maintain a constant balance in the ecological cycle as it can be reused and recycled. It consists of a lesser carbon footprint as compared to other construction materials and also produces the least amount of solid waste. Hence, as compared to other regular buildings, wooden structures utilise less embodied energy and are also known for its durability. Carbon sequestration is another important benefit of using wood in construction. The carbon absorbed by the tree gets stored in the wood and is not released in the environment, thus being locked away forever.

2. It improves human health

As noticed in the northern regions of our country, wooden homes act as natural insulators and help to maintain the temperature inside, irrespective of the weather outside. It also offers a natural sound dampening quality that effectively controls noise and provides an acoustic effect in the interiors. Researchers also suggest that humans are known to be more positive in a natural environment. Wooden structures project a calming and relaxing experience for people that enhance their productivity, help them to de-stress and stay happy. Hence, there is an evident increase in the utilisation of wood in commercial/corporate offices.

3. It acts as a high-performance building material

The longevity provided by wood is unbeaten. Age-old wooden structures which stand strong offer testimony to its performance and strength. Wood has a very long life and the structures built from it inherit this quality too. It is also naturally resistant to termite, rot and decay, making it an excellent pick for exterior woodwork. It’s a high-performance building material that lasts for centuries in different environmental conditions, survives extreme natural events and is reliable during high winds, earthquakes or fire.

4. It adds aesthetic value to your structure

Structures made from wood have an amazing look and an aesthetic feel like no other. Wood is known to blend in both traditional and contemporary concepts of design. It also provides a visual appeal due to its warmth and exterior texture. Interior designers are evolving newer techniques to add wood to the interiors of your home. Well-designed buildings are not only aesthetically appealing, but they also attract investors, higher rents, etc. adding value to the economy.

5. It enhances cost-savings in a project

Choosing wood as a construction material effectively reduces the cost of the project. The lightweight wood offers an additional asset as the foundation requirements reduce reasonably. Some sections of the project can be prefabricated and then added to the structure when it’s ready to go. Doing so reduces time consumption and labour costs by good margins.

Thus, using wood as an eco-friendly building material is the need of the hour as it is beneficial to the constructors, the consumers and the environment. The positive impact on the environment is extremely important, especially now more than ever. So, now is the time to restart the tradition and increase the use of wood to achieve successful results, thereby contributing towards a brighter and greener future through sustainable buildings.

Canadian Wood products are sourced from legal, certified and sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. If you are looking for different wood species for your next project, do take a look at our special wood species and their various applications.

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FII India, funded by the government of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada represents Canadian wood in India for all its five species viz. Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF). FII works closely with architects, manufacturers, importers and real estate developers to provide technical and procurement assistance for their requirements free of any cost

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