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    Spruce-pine-fir – the Structural Application Specialist

    27 Aug, 2023
    Canadian Wood promotes five distinct wood species from B.C., Canada. They are S-P-F,Western hemlock, Douglas-fir, Yellow cedar and Western red cedar. All these five species are legally harvested, certified, and sourced from sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada. Each of these species is suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications.Read more
  • Douglas-fir – The Canadian Wood Species That Combines Strength And Elegance In Its Applications.

    29 Jul, 2023
    Douglas fir is truly one of the most versatile species from B.C. Canada: Its uses range from structural applications such as beams, posts and trusses in solid wood to mass timber applications such as GLT & CLT, to manufacture of doors/windows and their frames, to furniture and so on. Its unique working properties enable itsRead more