• 5 Most Popular Environment-Friendly Wood Species

    5 Most Popular Environment-Friendly Wood Species

    16 Aug, 2016
    When it comes to designing a home or office, wood is the material of choice for creating plush spaces with a warm, natural feel. However, due to a perception of high prices, unsteady supply and lack of knowledge, using solid wood is becoming challenging for consumers. As the importance of using natural materials in constructionRead more
  • Certifications that Promote

    Certifications That Promote Responsibly Sourced Wood

    10 Aug, 2016
    Wood is perhaps the most versatile and environmentally friendly material for design and construction, due to its renewable nature, life cycle, carbon offsetting qualities and insulation. It has been documented that spaces created in wood provide mental and physical benefits to people living and/or working in them. In the past, use of some wood hasRead more