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Who wouldn’t love a little extra space in the backyard where they can sit back, relax, grill some barbecue or just watch the kids play. For most families today, outdoor living is as important as indoor space. People need a break from modern lives full of hustle and bustle, to come to a space that is serene and peaceful. And an outdoor patio provides that absolute peace.

Outdoor furniture, patios and pergolas can transform your yard into the perfect recreational area. Although it is an investment that requires thought and careful consideration, when done right, it can transform your ordinary backyard into a masterpiece of its own. An important part of landscape design is choosing the right outdoor furniture that you’ll be adding to the empty space. Instead of being an afterthought, this should be a fundamental focus when you’re working with your landscape designers.

Dealing with outdoor furniture is tricky because it needs to be sturdy, durable and rot-resistant. Structural longevity apart, it also needs to have a pleasing aesthetic complemented by great texture and feel. Paying a little extra for sturdy and durable furniture will be a better long-term investment. You get what you pay for! So consider that your furniture will have to withstand sun, wind, rain, humidity, UV through summer and winter.

For this reason, natural solid wood is a great choice, and Western red cedar and Yellow cedar from British Columbia (B.C.), Canada are ideal for outdoors since they have natural termite, rot, and decay resistance, and can be used without chemical treatment.

Western red cedar is outstanding for decking, pergolas, cladding, outdoor furniture, playground equipment, shade screens, pool furniture, and spa tubs. Both clear and knotty looks, as well as a combination of the two, are achievable. The wood is generally kept natural with a UV coat to showcase its warm mocha colour and beautiful grain.

Similarly, Yellow cedar is perfect for pergolas, doors, door frames, outdoor furniture, shade screens, landscaping, and outdoor stairs. It is ideal in end-uses that require direct contact with the ground and water. Both clear and knotty grades are highly suitable. The wood can be kept natural, or it can be stained to mimic hardwoods. A UV coat is recommended to prevent greying.

In case you are planning to renovate your backyard or buy new furniture for an outdoor space, feel free to get in touch with our wood experts. For a quick response, write to us at info@canadianwood.in

FII India, funded by the government of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada represents Canadian wood in India for all its five species viz. Western Hemlock, Douglas Fir, Yellow Cedar, Western Red Cedar and Spruce-Pine-Fir (SPF). FII works closely with architects, manufacturers, importers and real estate developers to provide technical and procurement assistance for their requirements free of any cost

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