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Wooden Furniture – Sustainable, Reliable, Timeless

Hand-crafted chest of drawers made with Western hemlock


Vintage furniture has found its audience, which has also led to a large chunk of consumers steering towards bespoke wooden furniture. An increasing number of manufacturers and designers are also affirming the high demand of this type as a driver of employment for several local craftsmen and talented workers.

Contrast with bold coloured wooden walls and door to match the room furniture


Nowadays, one of the much-desired ways to make a home attractive is by using wooden furniture with bold finishes, especially that which compliments vivid wall and ceiling hues. Bold furniture is popular for setting the mood and tone of the surrounding interiors, thus making it quite the favourite.

Western red cedar pergola. Western hemlock bench and table


The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about a lot of changes in the last two years. An important one has been that of people desiring a relaxed and serene space, and what better way to achieve the same than using a natural material like wood. With its timeless and natural beauty, wooden furniture provides that feeling of comfort and sanctity. These benefits make any natural form of wooden furniture a preferred choice.

Western hemlock dining table

Western Hemlock remains one of the most versatile wood species from i.e., British Columbia – Canadian Wood, and the ideal choice for Indian Furniture Manufacturing. Today’s discerning new-age consumers do not compromise, and expect high quality, even when it comes to furniture. This is what works in our favour, especially for choosing Western Hemlock wooden furniture to adorn a space. With sleek designs, high functionality, and strength, manufacturers across India continue to prioritise our wooden furniture offerings to suit the evolving needs of denizens.

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