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Transforming Interior Furniture Space with Canadian Wood Species

In spite of changing consumer preferences wooden furniture finds relevance in every household. Furniture made from wood is elegant, strong, long-lasting and requires minimal maintenance. It can work in beautiful ways to create the feeling of a warm, cosy home. With advent of social media, consumers are exposed to the best of designs and trends from across the globe. From merely functional aspects, today's furniture has become an extension of the house owner's personality. It can be moulded, contoured and customized to suit any personality.

Many old bulky furniture have given way to wooden furniture that is light, easy to move and most importantly respects the environment. Sustainably sourced and certified wood is becoming the buzz among architects, designers and consumers alike.

In response to this shifting consumer preference, furniture manufacturers across India are tailoring their products to meet the growing demand to suit their taste. Here is where B.C., species particularly western hemlock, yellow cedar and Douglas-fir became the preferred wood for home furniture and interiors for the designers and architects due to their great working properties.

Wood for home furniture and interiors
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