7 Reasons Why Douglas Fir is a Happy Substitute for Teak

7 Dec, 2016
Teak has always occupied a special place in the culture and history of tropical regions. In many Asian countries, century-old structures in teak are fairly commonplace and stand strong as a testament to the superior aesthetics, versatility and exceptional durability of the species. However, when considered in the modern context, teak is fast moving outRead more

Top 5 Reasons to Choose Yellow Cedar for Doors and Windows

30 Nov, 2016
Yellow cedar (Cupressus Nootkatensis) grows in the coastal mountains of British Columbia (B.C.), on the west coast of Canada. The species is unique to that region of the world and grows so slowly that it needs 200 years to grow to a marketable size. It is a truly remarkable tree. While many species of tropicalRead more