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Solid wooden doors with intricate carvings

India has been blessed with a rich culture of multiple architectural styles that continue to influence design in current times. Every region in India has its distinct, unique style that characterizes traditional products of the region. Among other things, intricate carvings in wood featuring everything from fine lattice designs to kaleidoscopic patterns have always held great popularity in both crafted products and architecture. India is probably one of the few countries in the world where hand carving continues to be practiced quite commonly. However, many suppliers have adopted CNC machines to achieve large scale production of carved wooden products. Intricately carved solid wooden doors are in great demand across the country and resultantly there is a demand for versatile wood that can offer the perfect canvas to achieve detailing with minimum effort. Douglas fir, western red cedar and yellow cedar are ideal wood varieties for creating intricate carvings due to their easy workability and ability to take on a range of stains and finishes easily. Canadian Wood comes from the sustainably managed forests of British Columbia (B.C.), Canada and is certified by PEFC/ FSC. It is a truly sustainable wood with high durability and aesthetics. Here are some exquisite intricately wooden doors in douglas fir, western red cedar and yellow cedar that will capture your imagination. Douglas fir door showcases minute detailing of textures and colours in carved nature pattern. This ornately carved door in western red cedar features a glass inserts that adds to the beauty of the door. Perfect for that statement main door. Another stunning example of intricate carving on douglas fir showing landscape and biodiversity. Latticed or Jaali patterns that are immensely popular in India reproduced on western red cedar. Jaali patterns evolved in ancient India to aid ventilation while offering a moderate level of privacy. These patterns were influenced by various ruling dynasties. A Haveli refers to large traditional houses that are about 2-3 stories high and feature many rooms with a courtyard. This carved door with quintessential Indian motifs belonging to the Kutch region in western red cedar graces the entrance of the Haveli. Intricately carved door in yellow cedar complements the otherwise modern décor of this space. Want to use Canadian Wood lumber for your next project? Write to us here for an immediate response.
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