• British Columbia Forest, Canada

    Sustainable Forestry to Mitigate Climate Change

    31 Jan, 2022
    “The earth is what we all have in common!” -Wendell Berry At the UN Climate Change conference, India made a net-zero commitment by 2070 while Canada aims to achieve that by 2050 despite its strictest forestry laws and regulations. In fact, Canada’s forest sector has also been one of the few who committed to theRead more
  • Your Overall Wellbeing

    How Wood Buildings Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

    14 Jan, 2022
    In recent times, wood as a building material has been garnering immense popularity for residential and non-residential projects for being a natural, diverse and sustainable raw material. Builders and architects have been slowly accepting the use of wood in their projects due to its engineering benefits.  . Here are some key biophilic benefits of usingRead more