• Wooden Furniture – Sustainable, Reliable, Timeless

    Wooden Furniture – Sustainable, Reliable, Timeless

    15 Feb, 2022
    The aesthetic superiority of wood is well known, especially when it comes to furniture. Even a simple chair made of wood adds a certain panache, elegance and charm to the space it is placed in. Any kind of wooden furniture completely changes the look and feel of its surroundings. This, combined with strength, durability, versatilityRead more
  • British Columbia Forest, Canada

    Sustainable Forestry to Mitigate Climate Change

    31 Jan, 2022
    “The earth is what we all have in common!” -Wendell Berry At the UN Climate Change conference, India made a net-zero commitment by 2070 while Canada aims to achieve that by 2050 despite its strictest forestry laws and regulations. In fact, Canada’s forest sector has also been one of the few who committed to theRead more