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    Here’s why furniture manufacturers are steadily choosing lumber over logs

    3 Mar, 2017
    Lumber is wood material that has been rough sawn and cut to length, typically in standard increments, whereas logs refers to rough stock wood that hasn't been shaped or processed. India has traditionally used tropical hardwoods to manufacture wooden products such as furniture, paneling, doors etc. Most hardwoods are either imported or available in IndiaRead more
  • Solid wooden doors with intricate carvings

    Solid wooden doors with intricate carvings

    2 Mar, 2017
    India has been blessed with a rich culture of multiple architectural styles that continue to influence design in current times. Every region in India has its distinct, unique style that characterizes traditional products of the region. Among other things, intricate carvings in wood featuring everything from fine lattice designs to kaleidoscopic patterns have always heldRead more