• Trendy furniture in sustainable

    Trendy furniture in sustainable wood

    1 Mar, 2017
    Sustainable wood means wood that has been procured from sustainably managed forests and is certified to be legal and ethical. While wood by itself is a carbon neutral material, rampant logging without a long-term view has led to destruction of forests ravaging the ecosystems that thrive in them. On the other hand, sustainably managed forestsRead more
  • Top 5 Reasons to Choose-SPF

    Top 5 Reasons to Choose SPF for Pre- Fabricated Wooden Homes

    23 Feb, 2017
    Pre-fabricated Wooden homes or modular homes are among the fastest and the easiest homes to build. Wooden homes provide a multitude of benefits to users as well as the environment. Wood is a carbon-neutral building material with minimum impact on the environment during its entire life cycle. It provides immense physical and emotional benefits toRead more