Seven reasons to attend the exclusive Canadian Wood exhibit at DelhiWood 2019

DelhiWood 2019, India’s biggest networking event in woodworking community, is just around the corner! The 6th edition of the woodworking industry’s reputed biennial event is single-handedly responsible to bring the best-of-the-industry under one roof and deliver business interactions, harbouring an innovative space for all wood enthusiasts. Canadian Wood is excited to be an integral part of this event and showcase its exclusive portfolio through a light-wood frame structure.

Canadian Wood’s core values rely strongly on sustainability, providing natural solutions to the world and encouraging the utilisation of wood in the built environment. Through this participation, Canadian Wood aspires to exhibit the wide range of applications that can be manufactured through their high-quality wood species, the benefits of light-wood frame constructions and much more!

Presenting seven reasons to attend the Canadian Wood exhibit at DelhiWood 2019:

1. Witness the best of light-wood frame construction

In recent times, when the architecture industry aspires to craft structures that stand the test of time with sustainable products and also result in economic benefits, light-wood frame constructions are one of the most beneficial options. As the name suggests, it is light in weight, allows quick constructions, and provides multiple economic benefits. Canadian Wood has made the most of this method of construction and has built a mockup home at DelhiWood 2019. The entire structure replicates a home which includes interior and exterior woodwork, along with exclusive applications like cladding, panelling, screening, etc. If you are planning to visit DelhiWood 2019, this exhibition by Canadian Wood is definitely worth it.

2. Explore the transformation of high-quality lumber to fine woodwork

The quality of a fine piece of lumber can only be judged when you witness its ability to be turned into a fine piece of architecture. Canadian wood species, sourced from legally certified, sustainably managed forests, are versatile, unique, and durable. They are seasoned, kiln-dried and energy efficient than any other building material, making it a great choice for both interior and exterior applications. The mock-up home built at DelhiWood 2019 showcases the wide range of applications of Canadian wood species and its ability to transform itself into fine woodwork.

3. Best of wooden applications, all under one roof

From exterior cladding and panelling to interior furniture, from intricate woodwork to strong beams, the light-wood frame construction mock-up home by Canadian Wood has it all. The experts at Canadian Wood have managed to utilise all five wood species and transform it into multiple wooden applications, all at one place!

4. Learn about the exclusive benefits of wood in building structures

Since many decades, wood has been an integral element in building a home. Its thermal, acoustic and seismic properties have always helped builders craft structures that are safe, healthy and sustainable. Hence, Canadian Wood encourage the utilization of wood in built environment to create structures that are good for the environment and for the economy.

5. Explore the benefits of outdoor structures made in high-quality softwood

India’s climate is harsh to its people and harsher on wooden structures. Be it playground equipment or classy woodwork like gazebos, pergolas, etc., all of them have to face extreme weather conditions in India. Here’s where the exclusive features of Canadian wood species take the centre stage. Their natural resistance to decay, termite and insect attack, high strength-to-weight ratio, and many more features help the wooden structures to last longer and stay beautiful.

6. Witness the creative ways in which certified wood can be utilised in modern architecture

The field of architecture and design is a dynamic one. The trends, the demands and the ideologies evolve according to the field. It’s very important to create a fine balance between creativity and sustainability. Hence, Canadian Wood offers smart solutions in the form of high-quality wood species to architects and interior designers so that they can create hundreds of wooden applications without affecting the environment. A live example of the same would be at the Canadian Wood’s exhibition at DelhiWood 2019!

7. Get in touch with the wood experts

Canadian Wood is one of the front runners in promoting products that are sourced from legally certified sustainability managed forests. From providing high-quality wooden species that can fulfill any demands to encouraging the use of natural products, Canadian Wood is known to be the expert in the woodworking community. You can engage with the experts visiting our stall at DelhiWood 2019 and share your thoughts about sustainability, wood products and more!

With an exclusive exhibition of fine wood products to a chance to network with the experts, Canadian Wood is offering you a wide range of reasons to be a part of DelhiWood 2019!

Visit us from 13th March to 16th March 2019 at Booth No. Hall 9, Booth no. A102, India Expo Centre and Mart, Greater Noida.

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