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This Festive Season Go Beyond Renovation- Think Re-Invention

With Diwali just around the corner, preparations for the festival are in full swing. This is also the time when you are probably considering repairs and renovation to your home. But before you look at doing the usual renovation exercise, think again- Is there a way to completely re-invent your home? Is there a way you can completely change the look and feel of your home, while making it more energy efficient and beneficial to your family’s health? You can! By simply using more wood in your home. Why wood? Because wood is durable, energy efficient and improves air quality of the space it is used in. It has the ability to make one feel connected with nature, which in turn has a positive impact on the mind. We’ve put together a list of few modifications that can give your home a completely different look! And when these changes involve wood – the result is stunning. Whether you live in a small apartment or an independent house, there are ways you can use wood to your advantage. Here are 7 simple ways to re-invent your home using wood. 1. Look at the world through the right windows Windows play a major role in the look and feel of your room. They affect a room's temperature, sunlight, ventilation and dictate the kind of drapes needed. With the right kind of windows you can change the look of your room and enjoy the outside the way you like it. If you want more control on how much breeze you get If you live in regions that experience very vast changes in temperature during the year, you may want to play with how much breeze or air you get inside the house. Tilt and turn windows allow you great control by providing the option of just letting a small amount of breeze on cold or hot days and opening up fully on days when the weather is beautiful. Douglas fir wood from Canada is as strong as teak and used extensively for manufacturing of doors and windows If you prefer to tone down the light or block a view Louvered windows have a wonderful, colonial charm about them and are extremely versatile and practical when you don’t need too much light. The shutters help you control how much light you want to let in. Plus when you want, you can open the window to allow the great outdoors inside. The best part, you don’t need drapes! Western red cedar wood from Canada is ideal for louvered windows as it is light yet strong and mighty stable 2. Look at the world through the right windows One can never have too much of storage space. No matter how vast or limited your storage options are, more is always welcome. This Diwali, how about we find all those dead spaces that we never use and turn them into something interesting and usable? If you live in an apartment When you live in small apartment in a big city, space is premium. But, you could easily add more storage in the smallest of spaces – think sliding shelves, corner shelves and in-set storage areas. For example even a 6 inch space between your refrigerator and the kitchen platform can accommodate a sliding shelf. The space behind doors or under bathroom sinks can add precious storage space. If you live in a multi-storied/independent house multi-storied houses definitely have more storage options than an apartment. However, you can find more room for yourself in spaces that are never getting used like the space under the stairs. A single staircase can give you loads of extra space giving your room a smart and uncluttered look. You can use western hemlock or douglas fir to create innovative storage solutions in wood. Be sure to look for the right stain and finish to go with the rest of your furniture. 3. Play with height Our creativity with ceilings is mostly limited to creating POP based false ceilings. This is a trend that has refused to die down. An emerging trend is use of wood to create a real style statement to work with the height of your room. Got a high ceiling? Make a statement with wall panelling. The way they blend into the look of the house makes them a favourite among interior designers. You can go colonial or modern depending on the rest of your decor. 4. Create your own private sanctuary Kick off your shoes, put on your favourite music and sip a warm cup of tea while talking to a loved one in your own private haven in your home. All you need is a small veranda. Even better if you have access to a lawn, even better. For apartments with a small veranda Go for a nice wooden decking with a small patch of green grass or potted plants. Install some lawn chairs or a swing and enjoy the view. You can also install a vertical garden and a small bird bath to create your own happy scene to enjoy! For lawns Install a gazebo or pergola in the lawn to enjoy the outdoors. Accessorise the space with comfortable seating and good outdoor lighting. Pergolas may be restricted for use during the wet months, but a gazebo is an all-weather. 5. Give your kids more play area Make this Diwali special for your children by adding in a little adventure into their rooms and giving them more space to play. For kids living in apartments Bunk beds have been around forever and kids continue to be fascinated with them. If you live in an apartment, it would be a great idea to install a bunk bed and free up all the extra space for more room to play. To liven things up, install a slide on one side and a ladder on the other. Kids can slide down instead of climbing down! For kids with large rooms If space aplenty in your kids’ room, then a tree house bed is just what you should need. We guarantee they will love you for it! 6. Make a statement with furniture When we think of dual purpose furniture the first piece that comes to our mind is a sofa-cum-bed. But there’s more we can do. Think sofas with book shelves, beds which double up as computer tables and so on. If you have a small living area You can improve the style and utility quotient of your house with trendy furniture that serves more than one purpose. Explore more with a chaise that doubles up as a book shelf or provides extendable space for you to place your glasses while having a drink. For large spaces You could also think of dual purpose rooms. A simple wooden partition can make room for a private den. Now who wouldn’t want that! 7. Impress visitors right from the doorstep doors are another aspect of our homes that do not achieve their full potential in terms of style or utility. A good statement door can add luxury without breaking a bank. For a zen, minimalist look Sliding doors and windows are a great way to give your rooms the modern Japanese look. They help free up more space and also allow better light inside the house. And if you use accordion doors and windows, your entire room will experience ventilation and sunlight like never before. For a rich, ornate look Solid wooden doors can be carved to achieve both contemporary and ornate looks and these doors can subtly enhance the look of your space. A well designed front door with an equally high-class door jamb (chaukhat) goes a long way in creating a solid first impression. Yellow cedar, douglas fir, western hemlock are all great choices for creating impressive, long lasting doors. Yellow Cedar is highly recommended for door jambs. To sum up, a simple change in the wall paint and a little polish on the wooden furniture will make your house look better. But if you want to do more for your home this Diwali, these hacks are the answer.
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